real e-state, but not a state

Given its numerous political and sectarian problems, Pakistan apparently has become a place that many of its own people want to leave behind. In fact, a lot of them wish to emigrate to Ladonia. You've never heard of Ladonia? That's because it doesn't exist, at least as a country. Oh, it's a piece of land, all right – in southern Sweden. But it's less than a mile square. Mostly, though, it's an Internet site set up by a local abstract artist who calls himself Ladonia's "state secretary." Anyway, word of the site has spread, and more than 3,000 Pakistanis already have applied for citizenship.

and he'll do it under par

If you were planning to play golf April 17 on the White Course at Pennsylvania State University, you might want to reconsider – or at least find some other set of links. That's because the university's resident pro, Christopher Cain, needs the place all to himself that day. Beginning at 7 a.m., he'll be trying to complete 500 holes in 12 hours to raise money for charity and – yes – to try to break the Guinness Book of World Records mark of 467.

In their 'free' time, college students spend a lot

Vacations and reading materials were what the college-age set spent the most on for their own enjoyment, according to a study by pollster Harris Interactive and marketer 360 Youth Inc. The semiannual survey also found participants had 11 hours of free time a day, on average. Their favorite activities (with the percentage that did them in the past year, in parentheses) and how much was spent in millions:

1. Go to movies (86%) $720

2. Reading, nonrequired (83) 1,003

3. Videogames (63) 945

4. Vacation travel (61) 4,085

5. Swimming (58) N/A

6. Go to concerts (54) 678

7. Bowling (53) 290

8. Amusement parks (50) 445

(tie) Go to museums (50) N/A

10. Bicycling (47) 301

– PR Newswire

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