Attention, men: If you're one who needs hard-to-find, extra-large footwear, perhaps you should contact Jozsef Kovacs. Not only is he a maker of supersize shoes, but he's also trying to inspire others to follow so his craft doesn't die out. How? Well, by assembling a size-217, which he claims is the world's largest. (That's on the European scale; US charts go nowhere near that high. A man's size 13, for example, corresponds to a 48 on the Continent.) Kovacs' creation is five feet long and weighs 143 pounds. By the way, his shop is in Debrecen, Hungary.


In Thailand, convicts about to begin their prison sentences have a new instructional tool to better prepare them for life behind bars. The Department of Corrections website, drawing on the ideas of inmates with time on their hands as they recover from medical treatment, offers helpful hints on – for example – how to sleep in a cell. Said a department official: "We want to tell the public that [prison] isn't as scary as people may think, but not so comfortable that they should be attracted to life here."

Some old, some new names on list of most-wired cities

The top three names are the same, but four newcomers also have made a list of the country's 10 most Internet-savvy cities by Yahoo! Internet Life. Rankings, published in the magazine's May issue, were calculated by households linked to the Internet, domains per company, broadband use, and other criteria. Yahoo's top 10 plugged-in places (with last year's rank in parentheses):

1. San Francisco (2)

2. San Jose, Calif. (1)

3. Austin-San Marcos, Texas (3)

4. Boston (12)

5. Seattle (9)

6. Salt Lake City (23)

7. Washington (4)

8. San Diego (13)

9. Las Vegas (6)

10. Los Angeles–Long Beach, Calif. (18)

– Associated Press

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