If you missed it, the world apparently has a new sit-up champion. As physical-education students did the counting, weight-training instructor Edmar Freitas ripped off 111,000 ab crunchers in 24 hours earlier this month in Curitiba, Brazil, pausing each hour for a coconut-milk and energy-bar break. That averages out to – puff – about 77 a minute. He's seeking confirmation from the Guinness Book of World Records that he has, in fact, surpassed American Bill Evans, who did 103,000 over the same span.

Which states do most for small business in Congress

Idaho legislators had a perfect voting score last year on issues important to small businesses and their owners, according to an annual survey by the Washington-based Small Business Survival Committee (SBSC). The group graded each state's delegation on the basis of 12 votes each in the House and Senate – on matters such as limiting regulation, eliminating the "death tax," expanding markets overseas, and affordable health care. The delegation rated most hostile: Massachusetts. The 10 most small-business-friendly states, with their scores, as graded by the SBSC:

1. Idaho 100%

2. Alaska 97%

3. Kentucky 96%

(tie) New Hampshire 96%

5. Oklahoma 92%

6. Wyoming 91%

7. Kansas 88%

8. Alabama 87%

9. Utah 85%

10. Nebraska 82%

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