Poll: Investors predict modest portfolio growth, but hedge with fixed-income accounts

Small investors today are optimistic – but somewhat more realistic than during the heady days of the late 1990s, a new Monitor/TIPP poll shows.

Of the nearly 700 people polled, a large majority (73 percent) said they expect their assets to increase this year, but most of those expected a growth of 10 percent or less. Among those unwilling to dive deeper into investing, most (42 percent) cited lack of money as the primary reason.

Investors' strategies also reflected a measured approach. Asked to elect three investment vehicles they would use if given $5,000, those polled indicated they were still willing to take risks, but sought safer selections as well. Mutual funds came out on top (39 percent), followed by certificates of deposit (29 percent), individual stocks (23 percent), and money-market accounts (20 percent).

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