Still craving time away, but on a budget

How does time off rate during tough times?

Some 73 percent of adults are set to cut back on vacations to survive the economic downturn, according to a joint poll by San Francisco-based nonprofit Consumer Action and Capital One, a Falls Church, Va.-based credit-card issuer.

But Americans still crave time off from work: 77 percent of adults surveyed by work/life-solutions firm Xylo Inc. plan to take time off in the coming year, up from 70 percent in 2001. And 72 percent of those polled believe they will travel during their time off - up 8 percent.

Taken together, those findings could be a formula for cheap, local trips.

Other findings from the Xylo report:

• Ninety-four percent of US workers believe time off from work boosts their productivity. Seventy percent say it makes them a lot more productive, with singles more likely to say so than married respondents (78 percent vs. 66 percent).

• Married respondents are most likely to travel - 77 percent, compared with 66 percent of singles and 64 percent of those divorced or separated.

• "Outdoor activities" topped the list of vacation wishes (39 percent). Visits to museums, landmarks, and national parks took second (28 percent). Simply relaxing was favored by 20 percent.

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