You wash it every weekend and keep it waxed and the tires shiny from one of those high-gloss sprays. But does that mean you "love" your car? Well, it just might, if results of a new survey are any indication. Based on the responses of 657 motorists, Progressive Insurance Co. of Mayfield Village, Ohio, found that 78 percent do care deeply enough for their vehicles to consider themselves in love. Want more? Sixty-three percent said they talk to them, and 37 percent admit to giving them names.


It has wrestling, heavy rock - with song titles like "The Heart is a Muscle" - but this is "very much like a traditional musical," says composer Stephen Dolginoff. Make that a musical based on the, well, nontraditional life of Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura. Ventura, who is the first to admit he's no Yankee Doodle Dandy, says he pushed for the show - which producers hope to see on Broadway - to "go for R-rated." After all, his career also includes stints as a Navy SEAL, football coach, pro wrestler, TV celebrity, and small-town mayor. "I wanted more gutty and gritty," he said. "Let's make it who I really am."

Ideas for Valentine's fun with your special someone

When it comes to romance on Valentine's Day (or any other, for that matter) Gregory Godek has some suggestions. He's the author of "1001 Ways to be Romantic," and "10,000 Ways to Say I Love You." A few of Godek's ideas for romantic things to do:

Sign letters "Forever and a day"

Go through revolving doors together.

Write a note: "Time and again, you amaze me because...."

Take silly pictures together in a photo booth.

Sit side-by-side in a restaurant.

Write custom word balloons on his/her favorite comic strip.

Place a heart-shaped sticker on your watch to remind you to call.

Talk 20 percent less; listen 20 percent more.

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