Keeping Track: Valentine's Day spending

Cards and dollars fly amid the hail of Cupid's arrows

Quick: Which holiday generates the most flower and plant sales? If you guessed Valentine's Day, you're wrong. Feb. 14 is actually No. 4 on the list, behind Christmas/Hanukkah, Mother's Day, and Easter.

Still, Valentine's Day, considered by many to be a "Hallmark holiday," is a big one for spending. This year, Americans plan to shell out an average of $94.50 per household - up 12 percent from last year's $84.20 - according to a survey by the International Mass Retail Association.

Cards, candy, and flowers are the most popular gifts. Valentine's Day is the No. 2 greeting-card holiday, after Christmas. Not counting children's packaged valentines for school, some 163 million cards are exchanged, according to Hallmark.

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