Let's say you're inviting the whole neighborhood to a party and serving corn chips as a snack. How many bags will you need? They're popular, but you don't want a lot left over. Now, imagine you're Don Pritchard, food service chief for the Winter Olympics opening Friday in Salt Lake City. He ordered 584 cases from General Mills for participants in the two-week event, plus spectators at concession stands. But when the truckloads stopped arriving, his staff counted 27,146 cases - or about 1.3 million, 3/4-ounce bags. And while organizers don't have to pay for the error, apparently made by supply clerks, the shipper doesn't want them back. Some of the excess will go to a food bank. As for the rest, the chips will have to fall where they may.

Popular magazine for auto enthusiasts rates 2002 cars

What do a $13,000 Ford Focus and a $43,500 Porche Boxster have in common? Well, both made this year's coveted "10 Best" list by Car and Driver magazine. In all, 43 cars base-priced at less than $66,000 were judged on performance, ride, handling, roominess, and other criteria. Car and Driver's "10 Best," in alphabetical order, with respective lowest base prices:

Acura RSX $20,430

Audi A4 26,475

BMW 3-series/M3 29,745

BMW 5-series 36,595

Chevrolet Corvette 41,760

Ford Focus 12,935

Honda Accord 15,940

Honda S2000 32,840

Porche Boxster 43,526

Subaru Impreza WRX 24,520

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