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What: Join a science expedition to Alaska - one of the coldest and most remote regions on earth - between now and Feb. 8.

Best points: Log on to the JASON Project expedition site and stand at the base of a colossal glacier. Follow the footsteps of the first Arctic explorers, or become one of the first to study the mythical ice worm. The site enables such feats through live daily webcasts, streaming video, and photos of Alaska's unique wildlife and dramatic landscapes. You can even chat live with a team of leading scientists on Feb. 7 at 8:30 p.m. Eastern time.

The explorers on this expedition are Robert Ballard from National Geographic, who is leading the project; 33 students and teachers from around the globe; and a team of scientists. The students and researchers are writing daily updates in online journals about their findings.

Web users can also take a 3D Permafrost Tunnel Tour to view a variety of ice formations, and examine the cultures of native Alaskan tribes.

What you should know: The JASON Project is a science distance-learning program for middle- schoolers, founded by Dr. Ballard in 1989.

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