In the pipeline: What's new and maybe useful

Soften up those kibbles

Many dog owners spend lavishly on their pets, providing them with luxuries such as massages, sterling jewelry, and custom-made portraits.

But such owners may be barking up the wrong tree. The road to a dog's heart, some argue, is through its stomach.

That's the inspiration behind VitaGravy, a new squeezable gravy broth meant to make the standard dried-food fare a little tastier, without slopping on spoonfuls of pricey canned food.

The standard ingredients include carrot, celery, honey, potato, and rice

The salad-dressing size bottles of gravy come in four flavors: Barkin' BBQ Beef, Lip Lickin' Chicken, Tailwaggin' T-Bone, and Bacon 'n Cheese.

To learn more, go to

Price: $4

Put your shovel on ice

Most people rid their driveways of snow through muscle, via a shovel, or with technology, in the form of a snow blower or plow.

Now, the world of chemistry has offered a new, decidedly modern solution.

The Anti-Snow/De-Icer by Bare Ground System is a liquid users can spray on a road or sidewalk to prevent snow from sticking for up to 14 days. The solution also eats up snow and ice that has already fallen. One gallon is said to be equal to 50 pounds of salt. The liquid is biodegradable, nontoxic, and safe to use on trees and shrubs, as well as roofs and eaves.

It can be ordered in a large plastic jug with a built-in industrial-strength sprayer.

To learn more, go to

Price: $40

PC projector

Word processing, Web surfing, video gaming, they're all brought to a new level by Elumens' Vision Station, a circular fabric-covered shell that displays material that one normally might view on a PC.

The shell, priced for business use, includes a multi-position light shade and full-size work desk. A lens inside the desk, connected to the shell with a cord, projects data onto the screen.

To learn more, go to

Price: $20,000 to $50,000

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