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What: This brand-new website lets children and adults explore a piece of music at their own pace within a fun multimedia environment.

BEst points: Carnegie Hall launched this educational initiative, providing an interactive visual interpretation of Dvorák's entire Symphony No. 9.

To begin, click on any of the symphony's four movements. As the music plays, animation changes to match new interpretations of the sounds. For example, a butterfly and deer saunter across a field to characterize the clarinet and double bass, followed by a moon descending into a night sky (English horn).

Throughout the listening experience, facts and information about the music appear on the screen. Pictures of the instruments also fade in and out to teach which instruments correspond with the sounds. There is also a helpful glossary of music terminology, and entertaining activities that include the melody mix-up and theme unscrambler.

what you should know: Keep in mind that the animated scenes provide only one interpretation of the music. And while the pictures are aimed toward children, the site can be engaging to all ages.

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