Where to surf for financial-planning help

Do your New Year's resolutions include saving and investing more? The nonprofit Alliance for Investor Education (www.investoreducation.org) lists 10 useful online resources for investors and would-be investors. Here are a few:

• Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas (a guide to building wealth): www.dallasfed.org/htm/wealth/index.html

• National Association of Securities Dealers (advice on investing basics, and strategy): www.investor.nasd.com/learn/default.html

• American Association of Individual Investors (help for parents who want to involve their kids): www.aaii.com/promo/20011119/feature2.shtml#BODY

• North American Securities Administrators Association (how to check out a prospective broker): www.nasaa.org/nasaa/scripts/prel_display.asp?rcid=152

• Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards (10 questions to ask when choosing a financial planner): www.cfp-board.org/cons_10qs.html

• Investing Online Resource Center (tips for investing online): www.investingonline.org/gso/8things.html

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