War Dragnet Nets Drugs

The war on terrorism has captured more than terrorists. An increase in security along US borders after Sept. 11 has paid off big-time in the war on drugs.

Drugs seized at all points of entry are up a whopping 66 percent from a year ago.

The Coast Guard, for example, had to divert its antidrug boat and plane patrols to port security but, in a creative adjustment, it also put personnel on Navy ships farther out at sea. The result: two big seizures of drugs.

And US efforts to stop money flows to terrorists also is helping thwart global drug runners.

On another drug front - opium growing in Afghanistan - the US still must persuade farmers not to supply the heroin trade once again.

This war creates opportunities for creative thinking by law-enforcement officials. And the increase in homeland security in general can tighten the net on a broad array of crimes.

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