Awards hint at Oscar nods

Three groups have named their favorite films and actors of 2001, giving an early indication of who might be handed Oscars March 24.

The family drama "In the Bedroom" and its lead actress, Sissy Spacek, received top honors Dec. 15 from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association. Spacek and Tom Wilkinson portray a grieving Maine couple whose marriage nearly collapses under the strain of their son's murder.

David Lynch received directing honors for "Mulholland Drive," a dark tale of obsession, danger, and amnesia in Hollywood. Actor Denzel Washington was named best actor for "Training Day," in which he plays a rogue Los Angeles cop.

On Dec. 13 in New York, the New York Film Critics Circle named "Mulholland Drive" the best movie of 2001. That group also bestowed top acting honors on Spacek and Wilkinson for "In the Bedroom."

Earlier, the hyperkinetic musical "Moulin Rouge" topped the National Board of Review's list of the year's best movies. Billy Bob Thornton earned the best actor honor for his roles in the neo-noir thriller "The Man Who Wasn't There," the death-row drama "Monster's Ball," and the robbery comedy "Bandits." Halle Berry, Thornton's costar in "Monster's Ball," was named best actress.

The board named Todd Field best director for "In the Bedroom."

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