TV film explores the power of myth

The current fantasy craze being led by "Harry Potter" aside, writer-director John Grey suggests that the world could use a bit more fantasy.

His new TV film "Seventh Stream" (Dec. 9, CBS, 9-11 p.m.) explores the power of myth to transform lives. An elderly fisherman falls in love with a woman who maintains that she is a mythical sea creature.

"It's a love story," Mr. Grey says. "Specifically, it's a fantasy for adults...."

Grey points to "K-PAX," a current film about a man who maintains that he is an alien. "This is like 'K-PAX' because it's never clear, even at the end," he says.

The film also explores the theme of sacrifice for love. "Ultimately, it's about the fisherman's choice to believe her because he loves her, and he has to let her go because he loves her."

The original screenplay was intended to be Grey's entree into the feature film business 15 years ago. But, after a series of false starts, it has finally found a home on television.

Grey says he thinks the times had to catch up with his interest in fantasy - and suggests that adults still need convincing.

"Adults are embarrassed to think fantasy might have something to offer," he says.

"We're trained to think [that] at a certain time we have to put childish things away. We tend to think we have to deal only with the real world. We love to see a good love story, but somehow feel [it has] to be grounded in reality, rather than what might be."

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