Stop calling me that

It's only a pseudonym, but a northern California woman is considering asking the local telephone company to change her listing in its directory. Twenty years ago, she took to using the phony name as an aid for people who wanted to find her number quickly. Over time, another, unexpected benefit emerged: It made dealing with telemarketers easier. Now, however, it no longer seems amusing. Besides, cranks are using it as an excuse to be rude to her. Oh, the name? Ann Thrax.

Hey, Help us out here

You've heard of fish farms, right? They're places where the finned critters are fattened up to become someone's dinner. But did you know that there is something the inhabitants can do to make themselves taste better? According to researcher Sofronics Papoutsoglou of Athens Geoponic University, the fish must relax, if only they can be encouraged to do so. How? Well, by toning down the harsh artificial lighting that causes them stress and by customizing the color of their tanks to each species - among other steps. Greece is a leading exporter of farmed fish.

Ranking newspapers with the largest circulations

USA Today widened its lead as the nation's largest-circulation paper in the first report using new rules, including copies sold through hotels, airlines, and other third parties. The report by the Audit Bureau of Circulations covered the six months ending Sept. 30. Its list of largest newspapers and their circulations:

1. USA Today 2,241,677

2. The Wall Street Journal 1,780,605

3. The New York Times 1,109,371

4. Los Angeles Times 972,957

5. The Washington Post 759,864

6. New York Daily News 734,473

7. Chicago Tribune 621,305

8. Newsday of New York's Long Island 577,354

9. Houston Chronicle 551,854

10. New York Post 533,860

- Associated Press

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