This little car has 'feelings,' too

Wish your car had more ... personality? A vehicle developed by Japan's Toyota Motor Corp. and electronics giant Sony Corp. will smile, frown, cry, and even recall your driving habits. The "Pod" will be on display this week at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The front of the four-seat, 1.5-liter-engine car is designed to evoke a human face, with U-shaped grooves that light up to show emotion and headlights that look like eyes. When the Pod's owner nears, it lights up a happy orange-yellow. Blow a tire or run out of gas, and it will turn blue. Brake too hard, and it becomes an angry red. If sensors indicate the driver is agitated, the car will display a warning, play calming music, and blow cool air.

Don't look for the Pod at a local dealership anytime soon. At this point, it's still just a concept car aimed at flaunting technological possibilities.

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