For days now, people have been converging excitedly on County Cork in southwestern Ireland by car and boat - and bringing their binoculars with them. Why? Because of the first known sighting in the entire republic of a Baltimore oriole. And the orange-and-black bird has been putting on quite a show for its audiences, flitting about and feeding on berries. It's speculated that the critter was blown off - far off - course while on a North American migratory route and chose to land there when it spotted a lighthouse. Oh, by the way, the name of the nearest town: Baltimore. Really.

i rather like the way i look

He is "80 percent satisfied," Zang Tianshuo said, after a court in Beijing awarded him $2,500 in his lawsuit against two popular Internet sites. and also were ordered to apologize for their insensitivity. They had nominated the widely known - if overweight - rock musician and frequent TV-show guest as China's "ugliest singer." (He finished third in a national survey.) Zang called the court's judgment "progress," adding: "Whether I am ugly or beautiful, only my mother can say. No one else has this right."

Ranking best workplaces for mothers with young children

Bristol-Myers Squibb, the multinational pharmaceutical giant, was ranked the No. 1 employer for working mothers in an annual evaluation by Working Mother magazine. In making their evaluations, the editors weighed such factors as flexible hours, day care - even prepared take-home meals. The 10 best employers for working mothers, from the magazine's October issue:

1. Bristol-Myers Squibb

2. Citigroup

3. Fannie Mae

4. IBM

5. Marriott International Inc.

6. Morgan Stanley Dean Witter

7. PriceWaterhouseCoopers

8. Procter & Gamble

9. Prudential Financial Services

10. Texas Instruments.

- Associated Press

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