"Come to New York!" Mayor Rudolph Giuliani urges at every opportunity, to promote the Big Apple's tourist attractions, which have taken a major hit since Sept. 11. But is anyone heeding the call? Well, yes, among them 800 Oregonians who decided practically on the spur of the moment to make the trip. There are so many, in fact, that it will take 62 commercial flights to haul them all under two- and three-night packages hastily organized by Portland's Chamber of Commerce and a travel agency.


A teller at the Salzburg branch of Austria's Sparkasse savings bank looked up earlier this week to recognize a regular depositor approaching. Imagine his surprise, then, when the fellow pointed a gun, and demanded money. He escaped with more than $20,000. Alas for him, there was time to spend only a little of it - on adult beverages - before police caught him at a nearby bar.

New fall TV season, same old viewer favorite: 'Friends'

During the first week of the new fall season, the popular NBC shows "Friends" and "E.R." reclaimed their familiar spots at the top of prime-time TV ratings, according to Nielsen Media Research figures for the week ending Sept. 30. The most-watched TV shows, followed by the number of homes that viewed them (in millions):

1. "Friends," NBC 20.6

2. "ER," NBC 19.3

3. "Everybody Loves Raymond," CBS 15.2

4. "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," CBS 15.0

(tie) "Inside Schwartz," NBC 15.0

6. "Law and Order," NBC 14.7

7. "Will & Grace," NBC 13.8

8. "Frasier," NBC 13.7

- Reuters

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