Have you ever heard of everyone in a neighborhood being fined for the same violation at the same time? That could happen any day now in Greeley, Colo. And all because of the American flag. As we pick up the story, Shannon Hatch wanted to buy one to show her patriotism after the Sept. 11 terrorism attacks. None available. So she and the others decided to paint the flag - smack dab in the middle of their cul-de-sac. It's 50 feet long, 27 feet wide, authentic in every detail ... and probably illegal, since ordinances require that the pavement and curbing remain paint-free. The ball is in City Hall's court. Stay tuned.


In 1996, the actress Sandra Bullock played a Red Cross nurse in the film "In Love and War" and developed an appreciation for "the courageous men and women who give selflessly in the very worst of times." So last week she joined other star entertainers in donating money - $1 million in her case - to the agency for its terrorism-relief efforts.

'Spy Kids': the No. 1 rental in a record week for videos

For the second straight week since the terrorist attacks, Americans rented videos and DVDs at a double-digit increase over the same span last year, according to the Video Software Dealers Association. Spending soared to $144.5 million, or 26 percent over last year, in the week ending Sept. 23, the most recent for which figures were available. The most popular VHS rental: "Spy Kids," which pulled in more than $5 million. The top 10 VHS rentals, followed by their earnings for the week ending Sept. 23 (in millions):

1. "Spy Kids" $5.86

2. "Blow" 4.66

3. "Driven" 3.82

4. "Someone Like You" 3.49

5. "Crocodile Dundee in L.A." 2.75

6. "Exit Wounds" 2.64

7. "Hannibal" 2.34

8. "Tailor of Panama" 2.29

9. "Joe Dirt" 2.25

10. "Memento" 2.13

- Entertainment Wire

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