Interview stopper: 'Tell us about ... us'

Memo to job seekers: Know thy prospective employer. Sound obvious? It's the most common deficiency candidates have during job interviews, according to a survey released earlier this month.

The poll released by the temporary staffing service Accountemps, found that 44 percent of executives cite "lack of company knowledge" as the most-common interview pitfall.

Other mistakes cited in the survey of 150 executives with the nation's largest 1,000 companies:

• Lack of preparation to discuss career plans and goals - 23 percent.

• Limited enthusiasm - 16 percent.

• Lack of eye contact - 5 percent.

• Difficulty discussing experience - 3 percent.

• Late arrival - 2 percent.

Candidates preparing for an interview can locate most of what they'll need on the Internet. Most company websites include information about products, executives, and mission.

Another good source for company information on the Web: Hoover's Online (, which lists information on thousands of firms.

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