Much as they appreciate the gesture, the producers of the TV series "Rick Mercer's Talking to Americans" have declined its two nominations for Gemini awards, the Canadian equivalent of the Emmys. Each show features the host traveling the US in an effort to find humor in the relative ignorance of things Canadian. He once induced George W. Bush to welcome an "endorsement" of his presidential candidacy by Prime Minister Jean Poutine. Canada's government head is Jean Chrétien. Poutine, on the other hand, is a dish of gravy, cheese curd, and french fries. At the moment, however, Mercer said, "this isn't a time to be making light of the differences between two nations, but rather a time to offer our unconditional support...."


In Sweden, results of a new research study suggest that men, especially, are more likely to end up divorced if the marriages of their colleagues at work also have fallen apart. It surveyed the marital records of 37,000 people at 1,500 workplaces over a seven-year span.

The business trip: another casualty of terror attacks?

In the wake of last week's terrorism, corporate travel managers across the US say they expect their companies to cut back - at least somewhat - on business trips. According to results of a spot survey by the National Business Travel Association, traditional trips are still viewed as a vital tool. But 58 percent of the respondents planned to reduce travel for the safety of company representatives, out of "economic concerns in the industry," or as part of a cost-cutting plan already under way. Of those reducing travel, 65 percent are doing so immediately. Other findings from the survey:

88% of respondents plan to increase video conferencing to replace business trips

65% will increase use of rental cars and short, regional trips

58% will reduce overall air travel

23% are unsure what to do

19% expect to make no changes to business travel plans

- PR Newswire

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