"We changed the artwork as soon as we saw what happened," Daria Kelly said. "Thank goodness we hadn't printed them." Who is she, and what was she talking about? Answer: another move by the entertainment industry to reconsider the wisdom of its actions in the wake of last week's terrorist attacks. In this case, said the sales chief for San Francisco-based music enterprise 75 Ark, it was a replacement cover for a new album by The Coup, a hip-hop group known for its strident anticapitalism. The original showed the twin World Trade Center towers exploding.


What, city officials in Jerusalem wondered, could they do to show solidarity with the city that bore the greater brunt of the terrorism? Jerusalem, after all, has itself been a regular target of violence, especially since the latest intifada began a year ago Sept. 28. Solution: Rename its main thoroughfare New York Street. The gesture, which began Sunday, will be in effect for a month.

James Earl Jones: the voice most Americans like best

Americans prefer relatively low-pitched speaking voices with minimal high-frequency noise, an online poll conducted by Wake Forest University researchers found. And which celebrity did respondents think best represents those qualities? James Earl Jones, the actor who, at one time or another, has been the voice of CNN, Bell Atlantic commercials, and Darth Vader in "Star Wars." Among the least favorite voices: TV-show host Rosie O'Donnell and basketball announcer Dick Vitale. The top 10 celebrity voices, according to the Wake Forest poll:

1. James Earl Jones

2. Sean Connery

3. Julia Roberts

4. Katie Couric

5. Barbra Streisand

6. Sam Donaldson

7. Mel Gibson

8. Diane Sawyer

9. Meg Ryan

10. Anthony Hopkins

- PR Newswire

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