A 30-minute toast and a tasteless roast

Wedding etiquette, to some, sounds like an oxymoron, since mashed cake on the face and embarrassing, red-faced toasts have become all too common in some circles. So, as the summer wedding season winds to a close and the fall marriage season starts, Bride's Magazine compiled a list of wedding decorum tips.

• Schedule the reception within one hour of the ceremony's end. Don't make guests wait too long in between, with no place to go.

• Tuxedos should be worn only for evening weddings. Morning coats, cutaways, or navy blazers should be chosen for daytime weddings.

• Send all guests, and their dates, personal invitations. Avoid saying it's OK to "bring a guest." Everyone feels included if invitations are personally addressed.

• Don't lose face by smashing cake. Bride and groom should use a plate and fork to lovingly feed each other.

• Avoid tasteless and interminable toasts. A three-minute time limit works well.

• Drink to others, not yourself. For toasts made in your honor, raise a glass, but place it back on the table. Sip only for others.

• Don't let the disc jockey steal the show. Musicians should pace the party, but blend into the background so the bride and groom can star.

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