You think your commute is good?

As President Bush set up the "Western White House" this month at his Crawford, Texas, ranch, many debated whether a president could really work away from Washington. But he may be joining a trend. For an increasing number of people, going to work means simply walking from the bedroom to the study.

According to new US census data, 4 million Americans work exclusively from home, up by nearly 1 million over the past decade.

Perhaps not surprising, since the category includes farmers and ranchers, the states with the greatest percentage of work-from-homers are largely rural. South Dakota leads, with 6.4 percent. Montana is close behind, with 5.9 percent. Montana also makes the Top 3 among those with the highest percentage walking to work, just behind Washington, D.C. (10.5 percent) and Alaska (7.5 percent). The Top 5, in both categories:

Work from home Walk to work

1. South Dakota 6.4% 1. D.C. 10.5%

2. Montana 5.9 2. Alaska 7.5

3. Idaho 5.6 3. Montana 5.7

4. Vermont 5.3 4. New York 5.3

5. North Dakota 5.2 5. Wyoming 4.9

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