Materials you might use and where you might find them

fallen logs and brush (branches) - on the ground in the woods, near land that has been cleared, or from a landscape service

scraps of plywood or boards - in or near your garage, or where someone is building a house

scraps of metal or fiberglass roofing -in your garage, or from a friend who is a roofing contractor

old windows and doors - from someone who has just remodeled, or maybe from the dump

very large cardboard boxes - from stores that sell appliances (refrigerator boxes are best)

bales of old hay - from someone who has horses, or maybe from a feed store

leaves - on the ground in the woods, or from raking your lawn or a neighbor's

stones - on the ground in the woods, or where land has been dug up

old blankets - at home or from yard sales

firewood - your backyard - promise your parents you'll give it back before winter

canvas - an old tent

old tarps - garage or basement - these often have holes at the corners good for tying in place

rope or twine (for lashing) - old jumpropes, clotheslines, or twine cut from hay bales (ask someone who has horses - they'll have lots)

Before you take any of these items, ask permission of the landowner, the contractor, or your parents!

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