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You might say Kjell Wilhelmsen made the catch of his life earlier this month as he fished the Gaula River in central Norway. As we pick up the story, he was lost in his thoughts when fellow angler Jens Ovesen happened by. Only Ovesen, who'd been swept away by a swift current, was drowning. Thinking quickly, Wilhelmsen gauged the latter's path and realized he could help only by hooking him with one of his lures. That done, he discovered Ovesen is way too heavy for the light line he was using. Carefully, employing every bit of his skill, our hero reeled him in without the line breaking and hauled him to safety on the bank. Then he went back to fishing.



In France, results of a new research study by the national statistics institute INSEE show that men are 1-1/2 times more likely than women to find a meaningful new relationship after the breakup of a first attempt at life as a couple.


Seattle, New York airports experience the most delays

More than one-quarter of the commercial flights into 11 of the US's busiest airports were at least 15 minutes late during the first five months of this year, new Transportation Department figures show. Seattle and New York's LaGuardia topped the list with 31.3 percent and 31.1 percent of flights delayed, respectively. The Federal Aviation Administration said in April that airlines have scheduled so many flights at some airports, it's impossible for planes to take off or land on time. Airports with the most flights arriving at least 15 minutes late this year and the percentage of late arrivals, according to the government.

Seattle-Tacoma 31.3%

New York LaGuardia 31.1%

Los Angeles International 30.0%

Boston Logan 29.2%

New York Kennedy 29.1%

San Francisco International 28.8%

Chicago O'Hare 27.5%

Philadelphia International 26.8%

Phoenix Sky Harbor 25.4%

San Diego International 25.4%

- Associated Press

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