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What: This site is funded by the federal government and part of a Department of Education and National Library of Education program. It's part of a nationwide information network designed to provide access to education literature.

Best Points: The site's simple layout allows you to navigate easily through its features and gather information. It provides access to ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center), the largest education-related database in the world. Teachers can find ideas for lesson plans, while those interested in the teaching profession can look for resources. Visitors can link to sites that specialize in teacher education, like the AERA (American Educational Research Association). They can also find links to sites that supply information for those interested in building a school website or integrating their lessons with technology. This site even addresses school health and recreation issues, like dances, physical education, and nutrition.

What You Need To Know: The amount and wide variety of information on this site makes it imposing at times, but categorized resources help alleviate the problem.

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