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What: This page, created by several federal agencies under the guidance of the US Department of Education, provides links, information, and services for students and their families.

BEST POINTS: Links to government organizations cover a wide variety of areas, from travel plans to job searches. You can apply for federal financial aid, find out important governmental phone numbers, and investigate how to study abroad. The links allow you to locate varied and often obscure government resources from one site.

Under the heading of "community service," there are links to environment, education, healthcare, and several other topics. Clicking on the education section leads you to such organizations as AmeriCorps, SFA (Student Financial Assistance) Intern Opportunities, and the Peace Corps. Each option is evaluated by a star rating and the number of visits it has had.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: One drawback of this site is the multitude of mouse clicks needed to navigate to your desired location. Once you click on a new destination, you are asked if you want to evaluate the site before moving on.

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