What's on the reading list?

We're searching for a few good books.

You know the kind: readable, engaging, fun, maybe even subtly educational. Target audience: anyone in grades K-12.

We'd like you to send us your best picks.

The reason we're asking now is no secret. Summer is upon us, and after those first glorious days of freedom, kids may be tempted to think the answer to the statement "I'm bored" comes largely in the form of electronic devices.

And even if they're more creative and spend plenty of time outside, work a summer job, or help out in some way, they can still benefit from keeping reading skills sharp.

My son's 10th-grade required summer reading list includes Amy Tan's "Joy Luck Club" and Erich Maria Remarque's "All Quiet on the Western Front." The third book is his choice.

My daughter, like all her classmates in the eighth grade next fall, will delve into Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird." She can choose the additional five required books from lists under such topics as science, language, and history.

Tell us what titles you'd like to see kids reading this summer. We'd love to hear about newer books, although the classics are welcome, too. Along with your selections, include brief blurbs that tell us the target age group and why you think this book will grab their attention. We'll publish the results in early July.

Send your ideas no later than June 30 to: The Learning Section Summer Reading, The Christian Science Monitor, One Norway St., Boston, Mass. 02115. Or e-mail them to the address below.

E-mail newcomba@csps.com.

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