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A cinema in your glasses

Engineers have shrunk the cinema experience into a pair of high-tech goggles. Now, movie watchers need only slip on the Eye-Trek FMD-250W headset to watch a DVD movie on an airplane, a bus, or during Econ 101.

The glasses, made by Olympus, offer a picture equal to that of a 52-inch screen from 6 feet away. They plug into a DVD player, camcorder, digital camera, TV, or VCR. The device weighs about 3 ounces and carries stereo sound.

Suggested price: $700

Household dry cleaning

You have a surprise appointment in an hour, but all of your dress shirts look like road maps in relief.

That familiar scenario has inspired vacuum maker Euro-Pro to design a dry cleaning device for the home.

The Electronic Steam Press applies 100 pounds of steam power to every inch of a 226 square-inch surface.

Euro-Pro says the device works well on sweaters and suit jackets. It comes equipped with a stand that also helps secure clothes for pressing.

Suggested price: $300

Portable shade

Inventor Geoff Garth designed the SunRoof with his daughter in mind. The canopy on her stroller would only block the sun when it was directly overhead. Mr. Garth's saddle-shaped invention tilts to follow the sun. The fabric SunRoof attaches to everything from beach chairs to backpacks, and folds down to the size of a frisbee.

The blue-and-gray shade can be purchased at Garth's website, www.realcoolproducts.com.

Suggested price: $30

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