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The ballgame was in the fourth inning - and at a critical point, too. The score was 6-5, but the team in the lead had the bases loaded and was threatening to score again when play had to be suspended. Because of rain? Darkness? Neither. Players, coaches, and fans at the Little League contest in Worcester, Mass., were ordered to leave when two moose invaded the field ... followed by police armed with rifles and tranquilizer darts. One of the moose was captured, and the game was to be resumed Tuesday.


Perhaps you recall an item in this space last February about police in Malaysia blaming a "technical error" after a taxi driver successfully challenged a traffic ticket for doing an incredible 696 m.p.h. Apparently, the problem is not easily corrected because it has happened again. Now comes word from elsewhere in Malaysia that textile salesman Lim Ang Hing has received a summons for being clocked at 712 m.p.h. in a 55 m.p.h. zone. That is only 46 m.p.h. slower than the speed of sound.

Ready to retire? Magazine rates the best places to live

Hanover, N.H., and Oxford, Miss., are two of the US's six most ideal places to retire to, according to an annual evaluation that appears in Money magazine's July issue. The publication found that the ideal locations offer a combination of vitality, a high quality of life, affordable housing, and plenty of cultural, recreational, and social activities. Hanover, for instance, made this year's list because of good home values, low property taxes, cultural attractions, and access to the facilities and amenities of a leading university, Dartmouth College. The top places to retire to, by region, as selected by Money magazine:

Northwest Eugene, Ore.

Southwest Tucson, Ariz.

West Coast Escondido, Calif.

Southeast Edisto and Seabrook Islands, S.C.

South Oxford, Miss.

New England Hanover, N.H.

- Associated Press

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