A perfect wedding day - guaranteed

When you marry, you accept the spouse "as is," but now the wedding itself may come with a guarantee.

Or, at least, an insurance policy that pays out if mishaps occur - things like a ruined wedding gown, lost ring, a rained-on reception, a no-show limousine, photos that didn't turn out, a missing cake, "disappearing" wedding presents, or loss of deposits.

When Roger Sandau, a lawyer, and his financee, caterer Karen Andrade, were planning their wedding, they became increasingly concerned about safeguarding the significant amount of money they were investing in their big day.

So they teamed up with insurers Robertson Taylor (North America) to form Wedsafe (www. wedsafe.com), which offers protection from the unexpected - from cancellation of the reception to professional counseling.

Not covered by the policy is cancellation or postponement of the wedding due to circumstances within the control of the engaged couple, including a change of heart.

Policies are available that offer coverage for weddings that take place in the US (including Puerto Rico), Canada, Mexico, Fiji, Tahiti, and the Bahamas; on Caribbean islands; and on cruise ships.

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