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It already was impoverished when almost 800 of its people died and a half-million others were left homeless last year in some of the worst flooding in recent history. And yet, in a reversal of the usual relationship between rich donors and needy nations, Mozambique has sent $57 in aid to Britain. Reports say the gesture was inspired by the desire to help Yorkshire residents displaced by another devastating flood. Said a deeply touched Anne McIntosh, who represents a Yorkshire district in Parliament: "We have had a lot of quite big donations. But this one is by far the most important."



Nestle, Lindt, Toblerone, Suchard - these and other brand names have made Switzerland synonymous with chocolate. So what better way to honor the tradition than with a new postage stamp that looks - and even smells - like a square of sweetness on an open foil wrapper? The scent is released by rubbing. The 53-cent stamp debuts next month.


Ranking the US's top grad schools in law and business

Harvard and Stanford universities, already among the nation's most prestigious, both scored high overall in the 2002 rankings of graduate schools in business and law by US News & World Report. The magazine assessed 341 accredited business programs and 174 law schools on their reputations, placement success, selectivity, and faculty resources. But it notes that there are many good postgraduate programs, and its rankings should serve only as a guide. The top five in each category from the April 9 issue:

Law schools

1. Yale University

2. Stanford University

3. Harvard University

4. Columbia University

5. New York University

Business schools

1. Stanford

2. Harvard

3. Northwestern University

4. University of Pennsylvania

5. MIT

- Associated Press

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