Taking the sport out of baseball

Your April 3 article "The man behind the megamillion-dollar players" about Scott Boras, the greedy players he represents, and the ball teams for which they play, was an insult to the hard-working people who watch the game at home or at the stadiums.

Contrast this presentation to that of Bill Gates and others whose philanthropic work for students and schools improves the educational system. As a long-time baseball fan, I can no longer tolerate or support the ridiculous salaries, nor the teams in that "sport." When the average fan cannot afford to go to a game or match, then it is time for a change.

I trust that some owners, agents, and players will listen to reason and not allow these atrocities to continue. Too often we hear of the errors in judgement by players and to compound that with over-the-top salaries is more than we deserve.

John A. Decker Annapolis, Md.

US must look after itself

Regarding your April 5 article "Europe's view: self-centered US": All I can say is, it's about time. Under former President Clinton, America surrendered much of its authority, credibility, and independence to UN organizations and nations. We tried to become the world's policeman with military forces he had gutted. We were close to surrendering our survivability by giving up efforts to construct a shield against rogue nations. We were about to enter an international treaty that would have doubled our energy cost while exempting third-world nations from the need to comply with the same standards.

It is indeed about time we resumed being responsible for ourselves and not for the world, and that we stopped letting the UN make laws and rules for our behavior.

Jack Kime Maryville, Ill.

US neutrality needed in Mideast

The April 3 letter "Internationalize Mideast peace talks?" is an example of the danger of having too little knowledge.Stating that President Bush had called on Yasser Arafat to stop the violence, the writer fails to mention that our government has never called on Barak or Sharon to do likewise.

The death toll clearly shows which side is doing most of the shooting.There is no reason for the Israeli army to hang around Palestinian areas such as Ramallah, knowing that its presence constitutes a provocation. If we really wanted the violence to stop, we would tell the occupying power that its settlers must return to their homes in Israel along with their army.

Our government's attempts to facilitate the peace process have always been flawed by the fact that we are not neutral.We should announce to all concerned that we have no special friends in the region and that we will support evenhanded justice for all. Until we realize that all human beings are of one family, our efforts toward peace and justice will never be completely effective.

Peter Yff Oak Lawn, Ill.

Genuine respect for all cultures needed

The author of an April 4 letter responding to a story on diversity in Los Angeles argues that "not all cultures are compatible."

Genuine respect for people of all cultures is a prerequisite for a tolerant and undivided society. US citizens should embrace diversity as a dynamic and enriching element in contemporary North America.

Alistair Budd Elsah, Ill.

Editor's note: In an April 4 opinion article, a think tank expert's name was misspelled and his previous affiliation stated inaccurately. Richard Kogan served on the House Budget Committee staff.

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