The Gates Foundation Putting its mark on learning


Gates Millennium Scholars

$1 billion

1,000 scholarships/year for high-achieving minority students in undergraduate and graduate programs.

Gates Cambridge Scholars Program

$210 million

225 graduate scholarships/year for gifted college graduates worldwide to attend England's Cambridge University.

Washington State Achievement Program

$100 million

Needs-based college scholarships for Washington students.


State Challenge Grants

$100 million

Grants to provide professional development for superintendents and principals nationwide.

Teacher Leadership Project

$45 million

Leadership development and technical training for 1,000 K-12 teachers per year over three years, including gifts of a laptop computer and $9,600 to purchase technology for the classroom.


National School District and School Network Grants

$90 million

Grants to nurture and expand successful schools and districts.

Washington State School District Grants

$150 million

Grants for 10 school districts to improve performance.

Washington State School Grants

$30 million

Grants for 100 schools to design and implement new models.

Washington State Achievers Program

$10 million

Program designed to raise achievement at 15 high schools serving low-income students.


$250 million

Five-year program to provide Internet access and technical training for librarians at 11,000 public libraries in the US and Canada.

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