Top 10 'corporate citizens' in US

Stockholder return is a popular measure of corporate strength. If a company's share price goes up, the public assumes it's gaining strength. But according to Business Ethics magazine, "stakeholder service" is just as significant a gauge.

The Minneapolis-based magazine collected data on corporate service to various stakeholders, including the community, customers, employees, and the environment, among others.

Cincinnati-based Procter & Gamble ranked first on the magazine's list of the top US corporate citizens, based on its service to stakeholders. The home-product maker was cited for its generous international grants. The rest of the top 10:

1. Procter & Gamble (home-products)

2. Hewlett Packard (consumer electronics)

3. Fannie Mae (mortgage refinancing)

4. Motorola (cellular communications)

5. IBM (consumer electronics)

6. Sun Microsystems (computer servers)

7. Herman Miller (office furniture)

8. Polaroid (consumer electronics)

9. St. Paul Companies (Insurer)

10. Freddie Mac (mortgage refinancing)

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