Don Adams and Barbara Feldon

They starred in the hit NBC comedy spy show "Get Smart" from 1965 to '70. Mr. Adams played the inept Agent 86 who fumbled with a telephone built into his shoe. His comrade, Agent 99, played by Ms. Feldon, was much more savvy. By putting their heads together, the two CONTROL spies succeeded in foiling the plans of evil organization KAOS.

After "Get Smart," Adams starred in the short-lived comedy series "The Partners," where he played a cop. He also directed commercials, for which he won a Clio Award in 1971. He later acted as a grocery-store manager on the Canadian Broadcasting Show "Check it Out" (1985-88). He also provided voices for the ABC Saturday cartoon "Pepper Ann." Today, Adams lives in Los Angeles, where he is writing an autobiography and just completed promotions for the re-release of "Get Smart" on the TV Land cable channel.

Feldon has appeared in about 20 films, including the 1989 revival of her role (with Adams) in "Get Smart, Again!" She's had cameo roles on such TV shows as "Cheers" and "Mad About You." She also performed a one-woman show Off Broadway, singing her hit, "99." She now lives in New York, where she reportedly continues to act and do commercial voiceovers.

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