Name that city

Paris, the capital of France, is also called the "City of Light." Rome's other name is "the Eternal City." How many American cities can you identify by their nicknames?

1. Insurance City

2. Music City

3. City of Brotherly Love

4. City of Lakes

5. Silk City

6. Steel City or Hearth of the Nation

7. City a Mile High and a Mile Deep

8. City of Roses

9. Rubber Capital of the World

10. Salt City

11. Film City

12. City of Trees

13. Crossroads of the Pacific

14. Cradle of the Confederacy

15. University City

16. Heart of the Golden North

17. Cowtown


(1) Hartford, Conn.; (2) Nashville, Tenn.; (3) Philadelphia, Pa.; (4) Minneapolis, Minn.; (5) Paterson, N.J.; (6) Pittsburgh, Pa., and Gary, Ind.; (7) Butte, Mont.; (8) Portland, Ore.; (9) Akron, Ohio; (10) Syracuse, N.Y.; (11) Rochester, N.Y.; (12) Boise, Idaho; (13) Honolulu, Hawaii; (14) Montgomery, Ala.; (15) Cambridge, Mass.; (16) Fairbanks, Alaska; (17) Fort Worth, Texas.

SOURCES: World Book Encyclopedia; Reader's Digest.

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