Tips for the digitally disconnected

If you take the "digital IQ" test on the next page and score poorly, don't panic. There are steps you can take to increase your technical savvy. Corey Greenberg, who offers technical advice and product reviews on the website, suggests the following:

Focus on and research one device at a time based on your needs. Mr. Greenberg advises you to ask yourself a few simple questions: For what purpose do I need this device? How often will I use it? Where and when will I use it?

Determine which device features are most critical. "Pay attention to the features that really matter rather than focusing on the latest and greatest," says Greenberg. "The newest models may not be the best choice, as [other] models may meet your needs, while offering better value."

Learn your devices' full capabilities. The manufacturer's website is often easier to understand than a manual, Greenberg says, "and tech support is only an e-mail away."

Consider the power source before buying. If you don't have time to wait for a rechargeable battery to recharge, consider an alkaline-battery-powered device.

Research accessories. A hands-free device for cellphones or additional software for a personal digital assistant can enhance their performance.

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