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What: The site features more than 600 interactive, animated educational games for children up to the sixth grade.

BEST POINTS: Games are organized by grade level and range from learning the ABCs to geography, math, science, and history.

Kindergartners, for instance, can play memory matching games, learn how to read and write, or come up with rhymes. Fifth- and sixth-graders can virtually fly through the solar system, discovering more about our planets and learning how comets move. They can also tackle percentages through entertaining number games.

One link features an arcade of educational games. Another section has puzzles and board games, like checkers. Even the "Jokes" page is educational. (For instance: What do you find in the middle of nowhere? The letter "h.") Adults can participate with kids in activities, or children can easily explore the site on their own.

What YOU NEED TO KNOW: The site is free and does not require plug-ins. Content, which is frequently updated, is created with Funschool.com Corp.'s aim of "overt fun, covert education."

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