Web Smarts

What: This site features a wide variety of interactive educational games and activities for children.

BEST POINTS: From the home page, you can choose to play with art, language, math, or sticker books. Every activity features sound and bright animation.

Click on the "stickers" section to design and read a story on dinosaurs or ancient Egypt. The art section lets you draw online in a variety of historical styles, like Renaissance, Roman, Impressionistic, or prehistoric. While kids draw, they also get a history lesson on the art period they choose.

Children can save their work on the site by registering (it's free), and later show their families and friends what they've learned. A child's customized "educational environment" can be viewed from anywhere.

What YOU NEED TO KNOW: This site was started with the aim of getting kids excited about education through exploration and learning by doing. Users need the Shockwave plugin (which you can download for free online) to operate the programs on this site.

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