That kid in the Oscar Mayer TV ad

The curly-haired child with a fishing pole who sang "My bologna has a first name, it's O-S-C-A-R...." had America humming one of the catchiest advertising jingles ever.

Andy Lambros was just four years old when he chirped the famous Oscar Mayer song in 1974. His success launched him into other commercials for salt, grape jelly, photographic film, and potato chips, among others. He did more than 20 commercials in all.

Through advertising he learned about entrepreneurship, and he started a computer consulting business when he was 14. In the late 1980s, Mr. Lambros ran a successful marine and tropical-aquarium company.

Lambros studied computer science at California Polytechnic University. He earned a degree in political science, with a minor in economics, from California State University of Northridge.

In 1994, Lambros opened a retail store in California that sold exotic pets. He soon sold the store to focus on a desktop publishing business he started with his wife, Dawn.

In 1996, Lambros co-founded an Internet company. Lambros is director of graphics technology.

He still gets requests for interviews about his childhood acting. He keeps his hand in by helping his wife in child talent management. Dawn Lambros, Andy's manager, declined to grant the Monitor an interview with her husband.

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