Tips for achieving balance

* When selecting activities, talk to your children about what they enjoy most. Gauge their enthusiasm and take cues from them. If they balks at going to activities, it may be a signal that he is doing too much, or has lost interest.

* Prioritize. For example, instead of enrolling a child in two or three athletic sports and two or three creative/artistic activities, select one of each. Focusing on a couple will give your child more time to develop, practice, and refine the skills necessary to maximize his experience and enjoyment.

* If you as a parent feel spread too thin in getting your child to activities, your child may feel overwhelmed as well. With your child, reevaluate what he is participating in and adjust the schedule if necessary.

* When considering an activity, such as ballet class, ask whether your child can attend a "trial" class and find out whether she is really excited and interested before she enrolls.

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