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WHAT: The Safe Schools, Safe Students Web site offers advice and solutions for dealing with a variety of school-related problems, including bullying.

BEST POINTS: The site targets all age groups and provides a wealth of resources. Educators can peruse lists of safety-issues workshops and glean advice on teaching methodology for everything from safety concerns to antidiscrimination issues. Parents can find links for resources on topics like school violence, anger management, harassment, racism, and self-esteem.

A community section provides details on the organization's 365-day, 24-hour antibullying hotline and gives suggestions for individual and community action. It also lists famous actors who were bullied, including Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Michelle Pfeiffer, Daryl Hannah, and Tom Cruise.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Safe Schools, Safe Students Inc. is staffed by former educators, business leaders, school administrators, and a fully equipped emergency planning team. A request for donations to its hotline appears when the site opens.

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