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Should one messy farmyard keep an otherwise tidy English village from winning the annual Leicestershire in Bloom competition? Not if it was up to three Hinckley and Bosworth councilmen. So they led a hired cleanup crew to the home of Brian Statham. Bad move. On the philosophy that if anyone was going to work in his yard it would be himself, Statham fired up his forklift and tipped each of their cars on its side. No, the officials weren't in them at the time. Statham was arrested, but at last report the jury was still out on what to do about the cars.


Meanwhile, the government of Prime Minister Tony Blair has announced a $347,500 advertising campaign to discourage Britons from stopping to give money to the homeless. "In-kind" gifts or volunteering one's time, a spokesman said, would be more helpful. Not surprisingly, the campaign has drawn fire from advocates for the homeless. It begins four weeks before Christmas.

Connecticut residents pay highest per capita state tax

The good economy is causing an overflow in state treasuries. People's incomes are up, and, as a consequence, so are tax revenues. In fact, such revenues grew by 5 percent last year, the Census Bureau reported. And individual state income taxes made up the largest chunk of the rise. Connecticut residents paid the highest taxes last year - the result, analysts said, of the state's nation-leading average income of more than $39,000. The five states with the highest and lowest average per capita income taxes:


Connecticut $2,932.21

Delaware 2,695.01

Hawaii 2,671.17

Minnesota 2,613.69

Massachusetts 2,385.65


New Hampshire $891.49

South Dakota 1,184.25

Texas 1,280.95

Tennessee 1,311.44

Louisiana 1,379.19

- Associated Press

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