Debatable Debates

For their next two debates, George W. Bush and Al Gore should take some pointers from their running mates and try not to be so packaged.

Otherwise, they run the risk of having voters wonder why Joe Lieberman and Dick Cheney aren't heading their respective tickets.

In their one-and-only debate on Oct. 5, the vice-presidential candidates showed what a debate should be. They brought a fair degree of spontaneity and humor to the event, beyond just a command of the issues.

And their exchange broke a fairly long-standing pattern of using vice-presidential candidates as attack dogs in campaigns.

Whatever one may think of their stands on the issues, the moral sensibilities of each were made clear.

It speaks well of Mr. Bush and Mr. Gore that they chose these two men. Now let's hope the next two presidential debates (Oct. 11 and Oct. 17) will be better showcases for that kind of wisdom.

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