Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry

This comedy duo was well known to British TV and radio audiences when they became a transatlantic hit playing an aristocratic twit and his savvy butler.

Hugh Laurie was dimwit Bertie Wooster and Stephen Fry his all-knowing manservant in four series of TV shows based on characters created by British novelist P.G. Wodehouse.

Laurie and Fry met and collaborated at Cambridge University in the late 1970s. Fry then pursued a prolific career in stage writing and acting. Laurie pursued an acting career. They worked together at times.

The two reunited in 1990 for the hit "Jeeves" TV series.

After a short-lived TV skit show, both returned to successful solo careers. Fry wrote novels and appeared onstage and in such films as "IQ" (1994) and "A Civil Action" (1998). Laurie also wrote a novel, made TV appearances, and acted in "101 Dalmations" (1996) and "Stuart Little" (1999). The two recently reunited for a special edition of a famous British TV series, "Blackadder," filmed for exhibition inside London's Millennium Dome.

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