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International pressure is mounting on Yugoslavia's President Slobodan Milosevic. European and US leaders see fraud in Sunday's elections. Vojislav Kostunica, the opposition presidential candidate, has declared victory (pages 1 and 4). But at press time, the official vote count was still stalled for unknown reasons.

The Yugoslav strongman is no stranger to the pariah status. There's a war-crimes indictment hanging over his head. Historically, Mr. Milosevic has fought his way out of political corners, starting four separate wars in the region. The security forces - Army and police - are still led by his loyal supporters. But in the face of a broad civilian uprising, will they stand by him? Or will Milosevic buy some time, and gamble on a second round of elections on Oct. 8? Stay tuned.

-- David Clark Scott World editor


SHOWERED LATELY? The drought in Kenya is mainly hitting the pastoral areas (this page). But reporter Mike Crawley says that the suburbs of Nairobi are going without water, too. "A frequent question is 'When did you last take a shower?'" says Mike, who was without water for three days last week. "We have a cistern in the backyard and can carry the water into the house," he says. But his friends who live in an apartment complex were reduced to midnight raids of swimming pool water.

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FUGITIVES ARE WELCOME: A plane carrying Peru's disgraced spy chief Vladimiro Montesinos landed in Panama Sunday. The Panamanian government at first refused to grant Mr. Montesinos asylum. Now it is reconsidering, reports Reuters. "The government is evaluating the request since various heads of state in the hemisphere have called on the president to reconsider Panama's position in order to facilitate the democratic process in Peru," said Deputy Foreign Minister Harmodio Arias . As reported on Aug. 24, Panama has long been a haven for fugitives and political outcasts.

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