New trends in business travel

Taking the kids along is the most significant trend among business travelers, up almost 250 percent in the last decade.

Children tagged along on more than 32 million business trips in 1998, up 32 percent from 1997, according to the Travel Industry Association of America.

"Everyone's juggling schedules. This is a way for parents to connect one-on-one with their child. It's indicative of our time-pressed way of life," says Cathy Keefe, spokeswoman for the TIAA.

Business travelers are also increasingly taking their kids along due to the accumulation of frequent flier miles and the educational aspects of travel.

"On a business trip, kids can learn first-hand about what they've been studying in school," notes Ms. Keefe, adding that children go on 16 percent of all business trips.

Other significant business travel trends, according to the TIAA:

*More than 1 in 5 adults traveled for business at least once last year, a 14 percent increase since 1994.

*Most business travel is by car, 61 percent.

*The average business traveler is white, male, 42 years old and earns $76,000 a year, a profile that has stayed constant during the past decade.

*Male business travelers average seven trips a year, compared with four for women.

*The average length of a business trip is just over three nights. The South Atlantic states are the most prevalent destination.

*Frequent travelers who take more than 10 trips a year account for only 14 percent of all business travelers, but make up 54 percent of all trips.

*Almost half of all business travelers attend meetings, trade shows, or conventions. Frequent business travelers, however, are much more likely to travel for consulting, sales, or company operations.

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